BM dresses, so sick of looking, ARGH!

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roma2011 Posts: 1208
I AM SO SICK OF SHOPPING FOR BM DRESSES!!! Seriously, this has been the most difficult part of the whole wedding for me. My problem is that I can't afford to go over 150ish per BM so I can't just swan into a bridal boutique and go "I'll take three of those", also don't want a chiffon dress because they just look wrong with my dress, don't want satin because we're getting married abroad and they'll melt in them, and looking for short dresses because my dress is tea length - so I'm fairly limited. Found the perfect ones within budget in one bridal place and the lady in the shop turned out to be a total basketcase with a touch of gangster so I was afraid to order off her for finish. My BMs aren't much help on this front. Any time I've found a good sale on the internet and ask them to measure up they just don't bother or else take too long and by the time they come back to me the sale is over. They live too far away from me (3 hours) for me to drive to them and take their measurements myself, although I must say I have been tempted! They're also too busy to go dress shopping with me. I'm just supposed to magically find dresses for them without their measurements and without them trying on the dresses. Just fucking sick of it now O:| O:| O:| Going to end up buying any old rag just to get it over with and that's such a pity, but I just don't care anymore. Just wanted to share :wv
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I hear ya sister. I have a fair idea of the style that I want for them, to compliment my dress and I know the colour but to find the right ones is proving impossible! It got to a stage where I just said to the 2 girls - "right, you're doing it yourselves". THat was after Xmas. They still havent. Our wedding is 98 days away and I'm freaking out!!!! Maybe having no bridesmaids would be best?? :innocent:
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Have you considered buying something high street like oasis or monsoon? They will be getting gorgeous summer dresses in soon. And instead of getting measurements you can just ask your BMs what dress size they are. Have you looked on the mango website? They have some really lovely stuff. Asos is worth looking at too
roma2011 Posts: 1208
Yeah, we'll probably end up getting them somewhere like the places you mention, just waiting for the proper summer collections to come into all the shops first so we (I) can just go do a blitz some day. Need measurements if I buy online from America and even from one place I was looking at in the UK. They all wear 8/10/12 depending on label so measurements are safer, can compare then to the label sizing chart and pick the appropriate size. Just as an aside - what is with the rip off Irish Monsoon?! Saw a dress (not for my BMs)for €170 in Monsoon in Galway but couldn't stretch to that, then just of curiosity I said I'd check if I could order from UK. Ordered it online from Monsoon UK and had it delivered to my door for €135 total - that's including a £7.50 delivery charge, so the dress itself probably cost bout €125. Could understand a difference of 10 or 15 euro in the price of the dress, but €45? We're so getting ripped off in Ireland!
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I know! That why i get loads off asos. I'm amazed they'll still even let us buy off the UK monsoon site. A load of UK sites set up specific irish websites and don't let you order off the UK ones anymore >:o(
marymartin16 Posts: 79
Hi Roma 2011, I have used this site before for other dinner danchs i have gone to. ... ct_catid=6 I found it great because you can just pick the size you need and it didnt take long to get it. I dont know if there would be any styles you will like just thought i would post it to see if it would help. Good luck and i hope you get sorted soon.
MrsMN2010 Posts: 267
have you tried lightinthebox. They have loads of styles and will make a dress to measure. Very reasonable too!
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Also try Littlewoods they have lovely stuff, and they are having a sale at the mo too...
roma2011 Posts: 1208
thanks for the tips ladies, keep them coming! I'll be on the internet for the night by the looks of things :o0
Bellisima Posts: 3583
Have you tried dressilicious? A lot of wollies seem to rave about their dresses.