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Twilight Posts: 34
Which would you pick for a Aug's wedding, it is a Jim Hjelm dress. One Bm has dark red hair. We cant choose it is either Teal or eggplant?? Thanks in advancea
Daisymaisy Posts: 171
Teal. It looks beautiful in photos. You could match it up with silver, greens and blues. Kind of like peacock feather colours. Eggplant is a lovely colour too and would look stunning on a redhead but I think its a little dark for August and a lot of people are having/have had it.
sinduf Posts: 261
I had a similar problem and went with teal. Got silver shoes and jewellery to match it.
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
Can you put up pics so we can have a look and help you choose?
willow09 Posts: 169
Id go for teal as long as your BM feels comfortable in the colour