BM dresses to compliment mine?

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kbt Posts: 108
Hi there, Am about to start the search for BM dresses. Should they be similar to brides or different? My dress is chiffon so should they be the same material? Of the ones I've seen and like they are all very similar to mine. Any advice appreciated.
Trooper Posts: 2155
ummm i suppose it's entirely up to you. They don't have to completely match, per se, but as long as they tone in nicely all should look well.
lopats Posts: 692
i agree with perfect, they should complient yours alright but wouldnt have to be the same style exactly. my b/m's dresses are taffetta and my dress is satin / chiffon, the simarlity in the dresses is the rouching on the bodice. its up to you i think, what every you would like. best of luck with it