BM & Flower Colours??

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ladybird77 Posts: 51
Hi girls Looking for your opinions... Our daughter (11) is our junior bm and is wearing navy. I would like to get orange/red calla lilies for myself but cant decide if she should have a smaller version of my bouquet or a small bouquet of white calla lillies...... What do you think? Id be grateful for your suggestions too if you think this wouldnt suit! Here's a link to her dress... ... ls+dresses Thanks!
CelD Posts: 699
Hi there ladybird77, The dress that you have picked is a lovely colour and lovely design! What are the rest of your BMS having maybe your daughter could have the similar colour as them, Red would look fab with the dress as would this is a lovely fun colour especially for a young girl to carry in her hands..... Here are a few images to help you! [img:421ahppc][/img:421ahppc] [img:421ahppc][/img:421ahppc] [img:421ahppc][/img:421ahppc] [img:421ahppc][/img:421ahppc] HTH Celine :wv
ladybird77 Posts: 51
Hi Celine, Thanks so much for your reply - love, love, love these ideas and will definitely be putting them to use... Our daughther is our only BM so dont have to worry about matching!! Thanks again
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Hi Lady Bird. It's a lovely dress and I think would be gorgeous with the orange calla lillies. Also it would be nice for her to have the same flowers as your smaller. What colour shoes is she going to wear? Lovely pics CelD
Elban26 Posts: 2458
I also think a bouquet in similar colours to yours would be nicer than white and also nicer with the dress :wv
ladybird77 Posts: 51
Aw thanks a million girls, thats the flowers sorted then - red and orange calla lillies for both of us! Dont know about the shoes - debenhams have ones that would match but I think they would be a bit much together - heres a link to them.... ... p%3B+boots What do you think?
Elban26 Posts: 2458
I think they'd be perfect, they'd probably look better than ivory/white under the navy, imo :wv