BM shoes - do they have to all wear the same?

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Nov Bridie 09 Posts: 967
Hi girls, If BM dresses are floor length, is it ok for the BM's to wear their own shoes or should I get matching shoes for the 3 girls? I know I'd hate to be given shoes to wear as I have wide feet & find most shoes excrutiatingly painful! I reckon once the shoes are all the same colour - prob black as having blue dresses, that's ok isn't it? What do you think? Thanks!
WohooJul09 Posts: 205
I'm thinking of getting different shoes for the girls - my sis isn't even 5 foot and other bm is bout 5'8 and i'm in the middle bout 5'3 so thinking of getting high and low and whatever takes my fancy when i go looking I think when it comes to it - they have floor length dresses and whatever they comfortable in. We were at a wedding and the bridesmaids were all wearing flip flops all day your colours seem grand and as said before they'll hardly be noticed - well thats what im thinking cos my bm's have red dresses and i was thinking of getting them ivory sandals I think red may look a bit gaudy - any other suggestions?
tilsun Posts: 4506
I think they should be different unless they all fall for the same shoe. When I was a bridesmaid I was way taller than the other 2 so we would not have suited the same shoe. I think if they already have shoes they love and that look nice I would let them wear them or buy any they are happy with.
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
I'm considering letting them wear their own shoes. You know how uncomfortable new shoes can be so if they have a nice pair of shoes that they would like to wear that's fine with me. I'm planning on having black dresses with ivory sashes so prob easier for me to let them wear their own shoes than other people.
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Two of my bm's are wearing the same shoes and the CBM is wearing a different pair. The two that are wearing the same shoes aren't really into high heels and wouldn't be too comfy whereas the CBM will suffer for heels :o0 :o0 :o0 I'm going to buy three pairs of those strappy flip flops in Penneys that they can stick on when all the pics are taken.
cax Posts: 258
Hi Nov Bridie, Im doing bridesmaid in 4 weeks and we are wearing our own shoes, im also for my wedding in feb having floor lenght dresses so im thinking of asking them to wear their own shoes as they wont even be seen. Go for it :lvs