Body scanner /metal detector safe while pregnant?

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Babybump2013 Posts: 271
Hi all, just looking for some reassurance. I am flying to the uk shortly at 23 weeks. All well with pregnancy thankfully but should i be concerned about the airport scanner machines?
FoundHome Posts: 1753
I flew every month during my pregnancy and was scanned each time. The scanners emit low level radiation which isn't deemed harmful. If you're concerned you could always say it to security and ask for a pat down instead.
Babybump2013 Posts: 271
Thanks Foundhome.
Dr of love Posts: 425
You would be surprised where you get radiation from. You get a load from just flying, particularly long haul, which is why they say (urban legend maybe?) that Air hostesses sometimes have difficulty getting pregnant and a few pregnant air hostesses I know actually gave up their job when pregnant as they didnt want to be constantly in the air getting radiation. You probably get more radiation standing in front of the microwave then in a body scanner! I honestly wouldn't be worrying because it is an endless list of things that expose you to pollution and radiation and chemicals if you start thinking about it.