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smaointe Posts: 189
Hi Wols, Just wondering about contour body wraps..I'm booked in to get one soon and she asked me was i claustraphobic. I said I'm not but now I'm wondering is it that bad/tight/time consuming that I could get freaked out? Has anyone had one before? any comments welcome!
scotswedding Posts: 2829
I got one done last summer and thought it was great. If being in a confined space freaks you out obviously getting wrapped up and left in a room on your own won't help matters!! It's neither bad nor overly tight (well for me anyway). Would consider it more "very snug". I lost a good few inches all over though was doing a detox that week which helped things along. I'd say it'd be very good if you were a little too snug in a dress but generally I don't think you'd notice the actual difference yourself.
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
I found it quite relaxing but if you're on medication I would avoid it, I was left feeling quite ill after.
MsCabbage Posts: 674
I got one of these done a few months ago for a wedding. Tbh I thought it was just ok, my dress was a bit tight before I got it done and it did seem to go on easier afterwards however as the day went on the dress got tighter and tighter. Now I know I was eating and drinking away so that wouldn't have helped matters! I think it works better the bigger you are, I'm a small size ten and I don't think Id get it done again but you could hav great results. As far as tightness goes it is not too bad at all just a bit uncomfortable
mags s Posts: 591
i got it done about 5 yrs ago for a friends wedding...i got 3 and didnt think they worked well for me...the bride also got 3 done and felt it was great...she has a large chest and that is where the dress was tight...she told them this and they put extra mud there and the dress fitted her perfectly on the day.
smaointe Posts: 189
Thanks for the replies...i do have a dress to get into but its a few days after the wrap so any effects may be gone but its something new to try anyway!
pinkypie Posts: 32
My sister-in-law works as a beautician and used to perform body wraps. She says that they are a total waste of money as the effect wears off after 2days. Sometimes, there is no difference in inches when the wrap comes off!!! Don't want to put you off but don't want you to waste money either
hopeful13 Posts: 501
can anyone recommend somewhere in Dublin that does really good wraps??