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soon to be diamond Posts: 19
Hi guys, I am thinking of booking Bog the Donkey and their DJ for our wedding next Aug in Cork. I have read some good reviews about them but there is not much about them in the last two years or so. Has anyone been to a wedding recently where they were playing? What is their DJ like? Thanks in advance for your help.
Cania Posts: 38
Hi, I had Bog the Donkey/Miss Jones for my wedding in April and I can't say enough good things about them. Everyone was out dancing all night and people still talk about how good the band at the wedding was. They cater for all ages and I'd have no problem recommending them to anyone looking for a wedding band.
soon to be diamond Posts: 19
Sorry for the late reply just saw your message now. Thanks a million for your help. It is just so hard to decide on a band when there are so many of them out there to choose from. Thanks again :)
mooney Posts: 147
Think there bog the donkey are better on there own without the female singer ..
bellee Posts: 441
Hi we had bog the donkey and DJ for our wedding in June without the female singer and they were amazing from start to finish....all ages,mixes,volumes caters for!! Brilliant all round band
soon to be diamond Posts: 19
Ah that is great news. Can I ask did you have their DJ? We are thinking of getting them to do both.
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vidia Posts: 2960
Bog the Donkey use a DJ from "Ted Dunne Entertainment" for their weddings. This is probably the best DJ Hire company in Cork. I doubt you'll find a bad review. If your wedding is on a Fri or Sat, you'd want to get the finger out.. Enjoy the planning..
soon to be diamond Posts: 19
I am having it on a Monday and have them provisionally booked. Thanks for the info O-O
vidia Posts: 2960
Well then, just bite the bullet, you wont be disappointed :-)
Lucy-anne Foley Posts: 2
We had bog the donkey at our wedding in August and really were so disappointed with how it all panned out. We went to see them in Kilarney and they were great - so friendly. We booked them first thing Monday morning, very excited. Issues we had on the night: Firstly, they took one hour and 25 minutes to set up, we did not have our first dance until after 11:25 pm. I can appreciate they were there on time etc, but taking that amount of time to set up was very disappointing considering the co-coordinator of our wedding at the venue said that bands usually take 45 minutes to set up!When we asked the band as to what time they would be ready they had said 11 pm - latest, however this was not the case and there was no apology offered. Also, I had agreed in advance with the bands coordinator that the band would not take a break, while I have no issue in principle with the band taking a break but given that they only started at approx 11:25 pm I thought it to be unreasonable to take a break within an hour given the amount of money we had paid. I had said so to them on the night prior to them taking the break, and found them to be rude towards me. Guests had commented and how long it had taken them to set up, their approach towards our wedding and then taking a break so early. Although they play well and are lively, I regret booking them. I had other entertainment and bands playing for the reception music etc. and they were so friendly and organised. When I conveyed my disappointment to their co-coordinator after our wedding in August this year, no apology was offered and no explanation was offered as to why they took 1 hour and 25 minutes to set up and had a break (they didn't play for the two hours). I regret not going with my second choice! -- just a heads up! Their DJ who joined us afterwards was lovely and good fun.