Boobies & The Pill?!

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so_clear Posts: 397
OK, this is a bit of a mad one!... I had TINY boobs til I went on the pill and then they got bigger and are a nice normal size now. :D Am planning to come off the pill either this month or next (change my mind every other hour as getting married next month and don't want to have AF on the day, but keen to get started TTC) and am worried that my boobs will vanish back to nothing again... Did any of you find that you got smaller after coming off the pill? :shock:
grumpy Posts: 1280
Hmm, I really don't have any problems in that department myself, so I can't say as I noticed any significant change in size when I came off the pill! According to medical texts though, any weight gain thats experienced with going on the pill should stabilise itself after about 3 months. So, any increase in size you've noticed could well have been normal body changes, as opposed to being due to the pill. Even if they do reduce, sure they'll get ginormous with the pregnancy anyway! :P
charli Posts: 5994
i am well endowed there my self but have to say bigger since i had my daughter 3 years ago - while the rest of me went back to pre-pg figure the boobs went from a C to D/DD and stayed! basically i think its all hormones whether its the pill or pg so you could be lucky and keep them"!!
boobies Posts: 1625
I thought you were going to give out to me for going off the pill!! :oops: :oops: Can't really help with your question why don't you look up or ask your doctor
so_clear Posts: 397
Thanks a million for your replies. Sorry Boobies - I didn't realize that was a username!! I'd have to make mine "fried_eggs"! Sure, if they vanish, they's not the end of the world! Himself will just have to live with it! :lol: