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feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi there Anyone find that boobs are sore on and off - I mean not the same all the time. I find in mornings not too bad but sore at night. but lately don't seemm as bad. I prefer when they are sore - more reassuring# This happen to anyone else... I'm 7 weeks by the way :wv
feelsobad Posts: 693
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi Chloe, mine were very sore early on, then it got better as the weeks went on but would still be sore from time to time. I found they were sorer in the morning so i started wearing a bra at night and it helped as it stopped them flopping around while i slept. Make sure you are wearing a correct fitting bra so they are probably getting bigger. Try not to worry its sounds fine. :thnk
feelsobad Posts: 693
thanks for that hard not to worry!
agie Posts: 1107
i posted the same thing on sunday - i have the same concerns - they are not nearly as sore as they had been. apparently its common as the weeks go by.
sunshiniest Posts: 303
Yep boobs are sore/tender on and off so far. Sometimes more so than others. It started early with me and I still will cringe with pain if I roll over badly or squish one when I'm trying to get comfortable in the bed! Also much more sensitive which is nice for other things..... :o0 :o0 :o0
McMummy Posts: 1041
Mine are not sore at the moment but are getting very noticably bigger, have had to change most of my bras. Am only 7 weeks so I hope this doesn't continue or I might fall over with the weight once the bump come along :-8