booked venue but dont feel great ?????

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bride2b13 Posts: 39
Hi girls After months of searching and drama I finally paid a deposit on our venue. As i walked out and got into the car i felt this sick feeling in my stomach. I do like the place whats wrong with me I should be excited but im not. I did not have OH with me so think that is part of it or else im just a little sad to have to stop looking. Did anyone else feel like this ? im starting to question my decision. Thanks girls.
GizzyWhizzy Posts: 290
There is soo much pressure on picking the right venue that you probably had yourself in knots knowing what is right, who will like it, will they be we want. You were probably suffering from nerves as now that the deposit is paid you have to trust them. Dont worry about it, there is a committment to the venue as well as they are generally the most expensive aspect of the day. If ye both did yer research and picked this place, be confident that it is right. To make yourself feel better, go back with your OH and have a look around imagining what it will be like for yer big day.. I bet the sickening feeling in your stomach will be replaced by butterflies!! :)
lollypopwife Posts: 836
ah pet it sounds like you are a bit like me - I find making final decisions on anything to do with the wedding stressful because thats IT! Now I've made a decision I feel I have to live with it! But if you've done your research,which you have,just trust yourself. I'd say its a little bit of sadness too,its the one time in your life to do these things,I feel a little sad that we have made the decision on the venue and are finished with that part of it - even though at the time I was anxious to find one! I feel the same about the dress,I'm not dying to go look for it but part of me wants to wait as its the most special dress I'll ever buy and I don't want it to be all over! :-8 I was worried about our venue after we booked it,not because there was anything wrong but just niggling doubt in myself. So we went to an evening showcase there after a few months when the place was in full swing with people mingling around,noise,chatter,lights and music and I'd never seen the place like that,only had seen it empty. I fell head over heels in love with it,more than ever had before! Now I just can't wait to show it off! Def felt those butterflies GizzyWhizzy! I wanted my wedding to be there and then! :o)ll Trust your own instincts, brideb13 - I've no doubt they've done you and OH proud! :o)ll
bride2b13 Posts: 39
oh girls im tearing up reading ur replies, u are so right im just so anxious so much rests on the venue. I know everyone says dont worry about what other people will think its your day but it human nature to worry about others opinions. Thank you so much for your help. You have reassured me sooo much i really appreciate it .
Jawl Posts: 8881
Can you go back again with your husband?? Just to rule that one out? I remember feeling sick til we paid the deposit, once it was paid, I was happy out then.
winklefairy Posts: 907
Could you try writing down any little things that you might not be 100% happy about with the venue? (Nowhere's perfect!) Sometimes that can help you identify what exactly it is that's bothering you...and it's probably something tiny that's easily fixed. We were pretty sure of the place we wanted to get married in so only went to one venue. When we actually went to look at it from a wedding point of view H2B asked me what was wrong as I was acting weird - and I knew I was - suddenly I wasn't sure and nothing seemed as right as I though it would be. I think it was all the pressure of such a big decision...and it's probably your first big wedding decision. We booked our venue and I love it!
bride2b13 Posts: 39
thats exactly it ! its my first big decision made everything else will prob fall into place now. I am making a list AND going back with husband to be i have never been there when a wedding was on with all the buzz so going to go down next weekend :xox thanks girls this has been such a help too me really ! :action32
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
[quote="bride2b13":3edkplei]thats exactly it ! its my first big decision made everything else will prob fall into place now. I am making a list AND going back with husband to be i have never been there when a wedding was on with all the buzz so going to go down next weekend :xox thanks girls this has been such a help too me really ! :action32[/quote:3edkplei] :o0 Oh yes it all falls into place ...sorry hard to get sarcasm across in a post (sorry, but you'll understand when you've two weeks to go that you must put every single little detail in it's place). But seriously, I made a big fuss about the venue, I went to see loads of places and felt ill putting the deposit down. It's that feeling - that's it, can't go back now. But it's only now that I realise that the venue doesn't really matter that much. Like you said, it's the first big decision you make, it sets the tone for your wedding and it feels enormous at the time.
Crissiebelle Posts: 86
My venue was a random choice for me, completely the opposite of what I thought I'd go for! But in the end I fell in love with it. I'd be a liar if I said that I haven't had doubts, cause I have!! At the time we booked our venue, there was another hotel that we had provisionally booked and were set to pay a deposit on, but then my venue blew me away. But I have compared the two in my head constantly... I think most people are like this, not just about their weddings, but with everything. The thing about a wedding though is that it only happens once. It's not like re-decorating a house; where if you get sick of it, or it doesn't turn out the way you want it to, you can pop down to B&Q and grab a bucket of paint. A wedding is a big deal and takes lots of preparation and decision making. Have to say; it's the dress that has me worried. I haven't even started trying them on, but already I'm bricking it :yelrotflmaosmilie: Because when I'm looking at photos of dresses online, and I see one I like I think; "that's it!! That's the one I'd like", but then I see another one and I think "no... wait... that one!" haha! So don't feel alone in this hun! We're all in the same boat one way or another. I'm dreading when the whole thing is over... what will I spend my time planning and googling then??? :) Crissiebelle xxx
bride2b13 Posts: 39
ah crissie belle ur so right, im a bit the same now about the dress. Once you have one thing sorted the pressure moves onto the next. :) :) Miss farnenheit thanks for the words of wisdom ha ha i feel so much better now. this forum is so good to vent your feeling when family just dont understand . Thanx girls :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll