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starzzzz Posts: 1123
hey guys we have an appointment next weekend to look your our venue and book it. we know we're gonna book it as we both love it and have been to weddings there so know what their like for service. my question is how do i go about getting the quote like is there anything in particular i should ask for? do i haggle now for extras or later? any advice would be great :thnk
jmeath Posts: 5740
They should give you their little wedding pack with sample menu's and prices....but if you want to swap menu's around and stuff they can do it there wit you and work our a price. If its a couple of years ask them if they will give you 08 prices....
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Haggle before you book, and make sure you get everything in writing!
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Hi BK2012 Just simply as for their wedding brochure....that should give you an idea of exactly what they offer in terms of menu and anything complementry. If you're wedding is in 2012 (just guessing here) the prices may be slightly higher also their menue may change a little also. If you're booking early ask them if you can avail of this years never know HTH What venue have you decided on?
starzzzz Posts: 1123
thanks, we have the brochure my sister got us it the day after we got engaged :o0 we hope they will freeze the prices or at least agree to freeze 09's prices for us. is it a bit much to try and get them to throw in a room for night before for h2b? (we getting married up north so i will be at home but he'll be in hotel. ) we going to book Tullyglass in Ballymena.
Shinney Posts: 266
Id ask for a room for h2b, its worth a try. As for the prices the hotel we're booking is holding 2008 prices for us but not all hotels i spoke to would. Id try your best. One tip i learned from dp is that although you love the hotel and are going to book there, dont let them know that. Go in as though you are looking around and maybe mention you've another couple of hotels to see. It means they will be slightly more likely to give you extras. The hotel i viewed yesterday (which im going to book ) is guaranteeing this years prices for 2011 and they are including summer punch on arrival for all guests and that was without us asking for anything. We're going back next week, dp is good at bargaining and he'll do his best to get other things included, (he's hoping for discounts on the wine, ie not the house wine but cheaper). She was also going to give us winter prices for may but i think our number (100 ish) may have stopped her so dp is going to try to get that also.
starzzzz Posts: 1123
our hotel offers all this complimentary: A Traditional Red Carpet Reception To Welcome Your Guests Champagne On Arrival For Bride & Groom Tea, Coffee & Homemade Shortbread For All Wedding Guests No Room Hire Late Bar White Linen Table Clothes White Linen Napkins All Flowers On Tables Illustrated Table Plan Personalised Menu Cards Cake Stand Or Pillars Cake Knife Orange Juice & Iced Water On Tables Master Of Ceremonies Complimentary Accommodation For Bride & Groom In Our Bridal Or Executive Suites so is it cheeky to ask for anything else?
Shinney Posts: 266
As far as i know all hotels offer what you mentioned with the exception of maybe the orange juice on the tables. Tea and biscuits are standard for the guests, champagne is sometimes included for the whole bridal party -not just the bride and groom, room for bride and groom is normal (our hotel offers champagne breakfast in the room for the bride and groom the next day). If the bar extension is included its a saving of a few hundred so thats good. Flowers etc are standard to be included, if you want something of a higher standard than is offered you can pay more. The master of ceremonies just introduces you into the room etc so thats just the manager who does that. Some extras that some hotels do are the following, Seat covers (ours gives them, some charge 5+) Sandwiches / scones / canapes on arrival for all (instead of just biscuits) 1st anniversary dinner for bride and groom in hotel restaurant Menu tasting in the weeks before the wedding to help you decide. Have a look at the brochure and see what you want, for example champagne on arrival, wine with the meal, afters food and work out a way to get disounts / better quality. At the end of the day you are going to be paying thousands so the hotel should be willing to meet you halfway on the prices of some things.
outdoorgirl Posts: 610
I think there may be a couple of things they'll drop the price on e.g the cost of a choice in starter, the price of chair covers, the house wine. Maybe more just ask is there any offer on at the moment