Booking a priest outside own parish. Advice for Westmeath

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Cara Webster Posts: 2
Hi all, I'm looking for advice on how to book a church and priest. I'm from Cork but living in Dublin, H2B is from Dublin but we have chosen Glasson Country House Hotel, Westmeath as our venue. Neither of us are particularly religious but I would very much like a church wedding so he has agreed :) We have no idea how to book the church/priest. Do we just call up the priest? I heard the priest in the nearest church (Tubberclair) is a little bit forgetful and tends to ramble which is something we don't want if we can avoid it! How do you go about bringing in your own priest, we have one in mind? Thanks in advance!
futuremrskelly Posts: 220
Hi Cara, If you call the parish office where you intend on getting married you should be able to book your church then - You'll have to pay for the rent of it.. I'm getting married in my parish church but not having local priest. I just called the Parish office and booked it in and told them that another priest would be celebrating our mass.. they were fine with it.
MrsH-2018 Posts: 2
Thanks very much for the advice. Do you know is it much hassle to get the release documents from your local parish?
futuremrskelly Posts: 220
No worries. I haven't actually requested the documents from my parish yet, but the priest advised to just give him a call and he will have them ready! Just to let you know that your baptismal and confirmation certs need to be dated within 6 months of your wedding date for some reason!