Booking antenatal classes

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Corks Posts: 355
Hi, I received literature from the consultant in the post yesterday. This includes info on antenatal classes. There is a mention of an early antenatal class - what would this include? Is it necessary/beneficial to go? There was also info on a 4 week antenatal course after I reach the 7 month mark. It's held 3 days a week but there is onlt one day that suits DH and I. Now, that's still 5 months away. Should I book it now or am I being too premature? The letter does say to book it early as they are inundated......what do ye think?
pattie Posts: 2379
Hi corks, you're not in Limerick are you?
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I just booked mine! :o)ll Had to book early as it's a one-day programme held on a Saturday and places on them are v. limited. Is only going to cost 12 euros (voluntary contribution I think). Will be 35 weeks gone, which seems kind of late so will probably try to do something (even yoga classes or get a video!!) before then. Suppose everything will be fresh in our minds on D-day tho!
pattie Posts: 2379
I think they do stuff like breathing and a tour of the hospital. I was given a program which said what each session covered. In order to book the last 4 classes I have to turn up at the first one, that's when they book you for the later classes after week 30. I'd be afraid to miss any but I'm not sure how much will be useful.
deem Posts: 710
i've booked mine in ballinasloe, I'm booked in for month of August, they are 4 of 2.5 hours on first four tuesdays, of month, thought september may be cutting fine as due on 1st October. I think book it if advised to do so especially if only one day suits OH