Booking appointment at 25 weeks!

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mumc Posts: 13
Hello everyone, Just looking for opinions really. It has taken us years to conceive our second child and we've had quite a few miscarriages along the way. Because of this my GP referred me for an early scan in Letterkenny General. Everything was fine at eight weeks. We had a very heavy bleed at eleven weeks, attended EPAC & thank God everything was alright. The doctor in the clinic told me to make sure that my GP did my booking bloods etc and referred me in for my booking appointment at 18 weeks. At 19 weeks I'd heard nothing. Phoned the hospital, was passed round everyone, but nobody could tell me if an appointment would soon be forthcoming! Then phoned GP & Practice Nurse got to bottom of it all in ten minutes and one phone call! I hadn't been discharged from EPAC and the hospital had no trace of my bloods/ booking letter! Needless to say I was not impressed! >:o( I will be 22 weeks on Thursday and just received an appointment today for September when I will be 25 weeks. Is it me or is this pathetic?! I'm from Donegal but we had our first daughter in the UK. I had my first appointment with her at 14 weeks and was seen very regularly after that. Feeling a bit let down! Thanks for letting me rant girls :wv
pinky winky Posts: 564
Wow :eek That seems to be terribly bad practice I can't believe any medical practitioner would think that it is acceptable. I would be writing a letter of complaint if I were you. What was the practice nurse's opinion?
tilsun Posts: 4506
That is disgraceful. They made the mistake so between them they should rectify it. I would insist they squeeze you in for an appointment ASAP
mumc Posts: 13
Hi Tilson & Pinky Winky The nurse told me that in some cases Letterkenny General aren't seeing second time Mums until 28 weeks! I think that I will phone this morning and ask to be seen sooner. Bad state of affairs!