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Mrs-Byrne Posts: 236
Hi Girls, How do I go about asking a parish priest can I use his church but not him ??? Sounds bizare but I want H2B's priest to marry us near my home town. Im afraid he'l be insulted and as a result we're due to get married next may and I still havent book my church - reception is book and deposit is paid .... Am I over reactin ? Thanks Girls for your advise
CestMoi Posts: 2162
It shouldn't be a huge problem, our priest kept asking if we wanted him to say the mass or not, or if we wanted H2B's parish priest involved. Just explain that H2B wants to use his priest, add extra detail if it makes you feel better, like he made his communion with him, or he knows him since he was a little boy, etc. I'm sure they get asked that all the time, shouldn't be a big deal.
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
tbh i would regard this as a hard one!! i would imagine that regardless of who marries you, he will be in attendance that would prob soften the blow somewhat, i would tell him that your h2b's priest is very close to his family and is somewhat of family tradition to have him marry the couples in the family. but then, maybe this is done all the time, so i don't know.
mrsgameover Posts: 383
Heya, As far as I know it is fairly standard for people to bring along different priests for their marriage. When I booked the church I explained to the Parish Priest that my godfather was a priest and if it would be ok with him I would like to have him con celebrate the mass with the PP. The PP was delighted and said that it would be normal that if you have a family friend or relative that is a priest that they would say the mass. He told me he'd be only too delighted to have someone else to do all the hardwork :o0
Mrs-Byrne Posts: 236
Thanks Girls, well h2b priest is family friend and has amrried the rest of the family - maybe im just startin to panic as ive nothin done ... except the reception, which was the easy part - Il bite the bullet and visit him next time im home.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
When you say near your home town, this might work in your favour as some priests will allow you to use their church but if you are not living in the parish or not there that long, they will request you bring your own priest. I don't think it will be any big deal, just explain that your H2B knows this priest and would like him to say the mass. You could always soften the blow by asking the parish priest to assist or some may even offer to do this anyway, ours did because he said he couldn't relax unless he knew there was definitely a priest showing up. Also, it's no harm to keep the parish priest on side because you may need him. May is still a long way away and sometimes they come along and say they have other commitments etc. and you have to look for somebody nearer the time anyway. I would bite the bullet ASAP in case somebody else gets in there before you with booking the church, you are a brave woman booking a reception and paying a deposit before the church :o0