Booking creche when 12 weeks pregnant

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chilledout Posts: 834
I was just talking to a work collegue who was telling me his daughters creche (in Dublin) is booked solid until July 2007! I'm less than 12 weeks pregnant but I'll be probably going back to work around then. Should I start looking for creche places? It feels a bit mad at this stage as I don't even have a bump but I don't want to be stuck next year. Can anyone recommend somewhere in Dublin 8? I heard there's a good creche in the Coombe. Anyone used it?
mad woman Posts: 22106
yeah iv heard of that too, my bosses wife is due in august and they have their creche booked ages.
charli Posts: 5994
i booked my creche when i was 6/7 months - i wanted to be organised, i wanted this particular place and i wanted piece of mind as i certainly didn't want to be trailing around looking when i had a newborn in tow!! in Dublin i am sure the demand may be even higher so harm in my view if it's a place you really want and is convenient to your home or work
letty Posts: 444
oh my god are you serious,,, im 5 months pregnant and nearly fainted when i read that, is it that hard to get a creche,,, wow,,, i havent even got a clue where to start..... what should i look for how do i know if its good or bad,,,,
[email protected] Posts: 492
Hi Girls, I booked a place for baby when i was 5 months gone. Its was really only for peace of mind, cos i really hope to get a childminder instead of a creche, but just in case i can't get one i have a back up. Unfortunately they also wanted a one months deposit, which nearly creamed me :shock: :shock: 950euro!!!
charli Posts: 5994
i wanted peace of mind too - like i said i was 6/7 months and paid a 1 weeks deposit to hold the place. lette, i went on recommendations - people living near me were raving about it, how good they were and i was very impressed when i visited there. the attention given to each child, the building, all the amenities, home-cooked food for dinner - just everything about it. it's near my house, which i thought was good for dropping and collecting and the staff have rarely changed in the 2 yrs she is there a big plus in my view.