booking seat for dress??

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dancerformoney Posts: 2733
anyone know how i do this?need to bring the dress on board with me when i fly home for wedding in august. im sure a wollie did it last year but not sure how! do i give it a name?? i could get a dress box and put it in overhead but not sure if it will be too heavy? would love to book it a seat and have it beside me the whole time :-8 any ideas?
Millicent2 Posts: 51
I did it with Ryanair. Here is the link to the relevant section on their site: I'm not sure what the policy is with Aer Lingus. This is all I could find on their site: M2.
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
excellent!! thank you!! will be right beside me all the way!! :o)ll
excitednerjabride Posts: 869
Heh getting married abroad and travelling with aerlingus, im just bringing dress on with me in suitbag or whatever you call them and theyll take it off me and hang it at front of plane...taking it on as hand luggage
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
how du know they will take it from you? and where will they hang it?
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Mrsjo2b who are you flying with? I got married in Portugal 2weeks ago, flew with Aer Lingus & they were brilliant. I hadn't checked in the dress as I knew one of the air stewardesses but when I went to check in the ground staff blocked the seat next to me for the dress (and I'd other hand luggage with me too) which meant the dress had a seat all to itself!! However, when we got on the plane, the stewardess took the dress from me as there was a whole row free & laid it out on the row. I think Aer Lingus are much better to deal with than Ryanair for things like this, plus you've an extra allowance of 5kg for your checked in baggage. I hadn't bought one of the travel boxes either, I just had it in the zip up travel bag the bridal shop had the dress in.
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
not booked yet. would love to fly aer lingus cause i have heard great stuff about them and wedding dresses!! but stansted is handier to get to for me so it looks like it will be ryanair!! I think i will get a travel box and use it as hand luggage, and then fingers crossed some air steward takes pity on me and allows me to lay it out!! himself is not too happy buying an extra seat for it :weep O-O thank you all for replies!!
butterflywings Posts: 98
Hi Private Dancer I got married abroad and used Ryanair and I had to book a seat for the dress! I called them a few months before the wedding and they said that I could pack it in a suitcase and check it in (not a chance was I letting it out of my sight!!) or i could take it on as hand luggage if it was packed in a bag ! Beware, Ryanair will do NOTHING to help you so if you are planning on travelling with them I would defo advise you to book a seat. I only booked one way as I had the dress in a bag on the way home! Best of luck