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PrincessLea Posts: 436
Hiya girls! Just wondering what I can expect from tomorrows visit at Holles St, anyone care to share? Also, my appointment is for 8.15, do I need to pee in a jar at home and bring in or can I do it when I get there? Oh, and what are the chances of me getting a scan? I am almost 21 weeks after all, but then again, it's the booking visit... Any advice appreciated!!! :o)ll
Greece Posts: 1800
Hiya - Im Semi P in HS but the booking visit is the same. I ended up having mine at 8 weeks because I ended up in Casualty with a bleed (all ok thank god) its just your bloods and all the questions re your medical history although i suspect you will get a mini scan just to check all is ok. My booking app only took about 20 mins in total and they didnt take a sample actually - but Im not sure if its because they already had that from when I went into EPU. Im prob bnot much help but I do think you will have a mini scan :o)ll
PrincessLea Posts: 436
Thanks still in shock! Any information is great to have! And like the sound of miniscan, hoping to find out if it's a boy or a girl! :wv
babymine Posts: 196
Hi girls, dont mean to hijack thread but I too am Public in Holles Street and I have been given an appt. to see a consultant on 22nd December and then an appt. on 5th Jan to see midwives. does this seem strange to have a consultant appt before the midwives appt? Thanks! :wv
baby2010 Posts: 908
Hey, I'm public in HS and on my booking visit at just over 21wks went as follows: Turned up shortly before 8 - there til half 12 - yes it was unusually long (second visit was only bout hour and bit) You check in at reception in the out patients dept, they give you file and a pregnancy package. Then into the nurse who weighed me (this que seems a bit scattered but on your 1st visit just head down to the nurse and she'll tell you where to join up) Then a talk with the midwife who goes through your med history next pee in a jar - which you can bring if you prefer but they will give you a container there either. Next bloods. Then the wait for room 1 - this seems to be the only consultants room with the scan available which they will do a mini scan (less than a min) but it's great to see all the same. Hopefully you won't be as long as we were that 1st time, they were quite apologetic that day saying that it's not normally like that. All the same, it's only 1 morning and it's so worth it for the reassurance. Bring plenty of snacky things in your bag, I found I was starving by the time we got out, and lots of change if you intend parking close to the hospital. Best of luck
PrincessLea Posts: 436
Thanks a million Baby2010, just the info I was hoping to get! :thnk