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mrsobrien Posts: 28
Anyone any suggestions on how to boost my fertility (or my DH's)???? Really want to do all I can to get I a desperado??? Thanks xx
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Have you been trying for long? Are you aware of your cycle? There is lots that you can do to increase your chances, most of all is understanding exactly when you are most fertile. I would recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weisher (?). Also you can use ovulation predictor kits, buy them online as they're so cheap and crazy expensive in the chemist ( Also hubbie can take Zinc, which is supposed to be good for the swimmers. Tilt the pelvic (only slightly) so that the swimmers have a better chance of meeting the target after doing the deed. There are so many other tips, which I'm sure others can share. Also check out the TTC forum. Best of luck, hope it happens quickly for you. :wv
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Hey MrsOB, Have you tried pre-seed??? We were TTC and hit the jackpot on the 4th month! It was our first month using pre-seed and I absolutly swear by it.
Always hoping Posts: 784
Hiya! My recommendation is to try the Persona Monitor. After spending a fortune on other stuff like the pre-seed, several other types of opks from the net and a variety of supplements (not to mention the baby dancing marathons we had month after month) I eventually tried it after over a year of trying (and 1 mis). I got pregnant on the first month using it! A friend of mine also got pregnant using it after 5 months trying.
RJR Posts: 962
i swear by Chinese medicine. I've polycystic ovaries so my cycle is very irregular and usually lasts 6 weeks so I knew it'd be tough to conceive. After 5 months wasting money on ovulation kits (I was too irregular to predict) I started weekly acupuncture sessions at my local Chinese medical centre and they also gave me herbs to drink twice a day to regulate ovulation. Conceived within one month - not sure if it was the treatment or just the fact that it took away all the pressure because they were so confident it would work but either way I'm so glad I did it! I'd paid for four months treatment so they gave me massage for the first three months to help with morning sickness etc, and I can go back for more towards the end of the pregnancy.