boots for those with not so skinny calves!!

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mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
looking for tan/brown knee high boots with not too high a heel always have trouble with zipping them full ways as my calves arent the skinniest usually get them half way :-8 just wondering if anyone knows where I might get suitable ones that are still fashionable - wearing a teal dress Christmas day so looking for them for that.
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
I always get the same trouble actually, maybe try Evans website I think they do bigger or stretchier sizes
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
make boots to custom fit you! They're a bit more expensive but well worth the money. I'm ordering a pair for Christmas!
zeus Posts: 553
God im the very same & its head wreckin O:| Im also a bit of a cheapo & hate having to fork out €100 for a pair of boots!! I got black boots in Sept that just pull over your leg so they are brill - on the lookout for brown ones now - heard River Island do good sizes but you'l pay for them - mite ask them from santa :o0
gouganebride09 Posts: 557
Evans shops sell great boots that fit wider calved legs..some lovely styles too
zarazia Posts: 396
I have trouble with this aswell, have tried loads river island, new look etc and surprisingly enough i got a brown pair last year and a black pair this year from PENNYS. :eek They fit perfect and go over my jeans aswell. Never more then 30euro either but u have to be lucky cos they sell out fast. :wv
michelle06 Posts: 220
Oh God I'm the very same! Thought I was alone in the world! I only wear ankle boots as a result Great to see this post and get those tips, Thanks girls
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
:o0 was just about to say Penneys. Was in there looking for a cheapo pair of shoes and saw these boots that had extra room in them. looked nice.
marianf Posts: 5845
[quote="MrsWhippy09":38xdkrp1] make boots to custom fit you! They're a bit more expensive but well worth the money. I'm ordering a pair for Christmas![/quote:38xdkrp1] I second Duo. I got a pair and they are soooooo comfortable.
oddwire Posts: 842
This seems to be a really common problem! My friend and I were discussing this last winter. A shop local to us started stocking wider fit boots but the price difference was ridiculous, especially considering that most people I know would have this problem. We were both debating forking out for them though, when we realised that Dunnes Stores boots fitted just fine - they seem to be a bit more generous / realistic! Don't know what they have in stock at the moment, but check there and Penneys out if you don't want to have to fork out a huge amount.