Boots or Shoes???

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lopats Posts: 692
Hi Girls, Im a december bride and toying with the idea of a pair of satin ivory victorial style boots - with the ribbon up the front where you would normally have a lace. Any one else doing this? Already have shoes but they can be dyed again he he he
Rocks Posts: 280
Hi lopats, I myself will be wearing shoes as my wedding is in May but I was at a wedding were the bride wore boots. She had white pointy toe boots with sparkles on them. You wouldn't of even thought they were boots as all you could see was the pointy toe when she walked and everyone assumed they were shoes. It was only when she was up dancing during the night that people noticed as she lifted her dress but I have to say it didn't look weird at all cos it was the type of thing that really suited her personality. Sorry for the rambling - hope this helped in some kind of way :? :lol: :lol:
lopats Posts: 692
Tanx for that! Love the shoes i already have so maybe i'll stick with them, tanx x
Regina Filange Posts: 166
Just wondering does anyone know where to get boots? I need ones with laces, not zip-ups.
lopats Posts: 692
hi regina, i seen lovely ones on the ever popular ebay! they have ribbons instead of laces - same as the ones i was after!
delighted Posts: 258
They had white pointy boots with some silver sparkles dotted around the boot, i think they had a zip as well, anyway i saw them in Bridal Wraptures in Stephens Green
syssol Posts: 18
I am also an xmas wedding but would not go for boots -