Bored of waiting for day to arrive

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witty Posts: 165
Hi Girls Is anyone just really bored of waiting for thier big day to arrive !! Just waiting waiting waiting and then people reminding you of the fact, not long now , getting nearer for you now O:| O:| God do you think ! I know when im getting married and I wish it would just arrive >:o(
Loopy Loo Posts: 1774
God I was exactly like that. I was totally and utterly sick of the wedding long before it arrived! I am so glad it's all over and done with now I must admit :-8 However, now I'm bored of talking about how it went - hence the fact I haven't done a wedding report yet :-8
Lady loves chocolate Posts: 433
Yip Im with you on this one ! I wouldnt be the most patient person in the world anyway and I would just like the day to come at this stage so i can get back to having my weekends and evenings to myself. Getting so bored with people asking me am I all set too-I practically run off when anyone else asks me now, will never ever ask a bride that again :o0
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
I feel like this now and we have another 8months of waiting! I think a two year engagement was just too long, i really want to just marry my honey now.
Reecespieces Posts: 927
Ditto to all the above
redrebel Posts: 400
i hear ya! every day. EVERY day. 'how long more now?', 'not long now', 'are you counting the days?', 'have ye everything organised now?', 'are you getting excited yet?'.....and on and on it goes. its lovely that people are interested, but im getting heartily sick of the daily enquiries now as well...i have forgotten what people used to talk to me about before, every conversation someone starts with me these days seems to be about the wedding! i can see why some girls get so down when the whole thing is over and they return to normal life - you could probably miss the attention etc. personally, im soooo looking forward to getting back to normal everyday life!
~lila~ Posts: 524
I'm the opposite, fly out to Spain next Wednesday and I'd love another week!! Its come around so quickly!! :eek :eek
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
I think what put a damper on me was being told I was too excited. ever since then I have just lost interest and I just want it to be here now. I havent done anything really since that remark, it really just put me off!![/quote]
~lila~ Posts: 524
That's terrible!! You can NEVER be too excited :o)ll :o)ll , too obsessed yes, but I don't think it can be bad to be excited. Whoever said that was a bit insensitive IMO.