Bottle feeding-hungrier baby still hungry!

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Manin Posts: 2
Hi girls New user - well was on here years ago as a bride to be but have a baby now so have re-registered. Our little man is 6 weeks old. He was 2 weeks early and had a tough enough labour - long story won't bore you but basically when he was born he was a slow feeder and spent his first four days including his first night in neo. Since we came home he has progressed slowly and in the past week was demaning more feeds. I had him on Cow and Gate Comfort because I was lactose intollerent as a baby and was advised to use a low lactose feed rather than a lactose free feed without seeing if we was actually allergic first. He has been gaining weight and now looks like Peter Rabbit with all his fat around his bottom end! Cute :lvs He has been a bit constipated only pooping every 4 days and only then after lots of massage and cycling of legs and cooled water, etc. Anyway like I said in the past week I think it might be a growth spurt as he is not being satisfied by the feeds and went from every fours hours to wanting grub every 2.5 to 3 hours. I changed to the hungrier baby Cow and Gate. He seems to be accepting it and only possited once since we started it, He did poop yesterday and with very little assitance which was great but as it was less than 24 hours since I started this formula and also as the poops were now runny and squirty (sorry!! :-8 ) I wondered if he be having a reaction although he does not appear to be in pain or discomfort. However, it does not seem to be satisying him any more than the previous formula and he has taken to waking and/or wanting food every 2.5 hours or so, especially at night. He grunts and snorts a lot at night too. I would have thought that the hungrier baby stuff should satisy him more. He is taking 5 oz now instead of 4 and guzzles it so I have to slow it down to stop him spewing it all over the place. As od last week he weighed over 8 pounds - he was 6,7 at birth and is 6 weeks today. Sorry for the long first time post but anyone else know what I am on about and have any advice? Going to doc next week anyway but would appreciate feedback in meantime. He is generally happy and thriving apart from this feeding thing. I just want him ti be satisfied and not hungry but dont want to overfeed either. Thanks x
SuzyC Posts: 335
I think this would be better over on mum and Kids section. Its been a long time since my last baby but I think I was feeding him every 2 hrs for the first 6-8 weeks. Definatly ask the other mums, most of us here are expectant mums *) good luck and congrats on you new baby :wv
Manin Posts: 2
Okee doke I'll copy it over there and see what happens. Thanks for that :wv