bottle warmers??

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DM09 Posts: 261
Just wondering if anyone has a bottle warmer? Is it worth the cost? Which one did you buy>?
sapphire09 Posts: 393
No, didn't buy one and managed perfectly fine without it so personally I wouldn't say they're essential. Warmed a bottle in hot water if needed but thankfully my little lady drank bottles at room temperature.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Not getting one either as hoping BFing will work out and when I introduce bottles I'm hoping LO will drink them at room temperature to make outings etc easier. I bought a bottle insulator with my changing bag months back- before I realized it's not essential to heat babies bottles. If LO doesn't like them at room temperature I'll prob just use a bowl of warm water- the house is already overflowing with gadgets!!
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I didn't use one. Was hoping to bf but didn't work out. Expressed for a month so breast milk was stored in fridge, i'd take it out about half an hour before a feed so it's come up to room temperature. Now i use room temperature water for formula.
ontheway Posts: 432
We didnt bother with one of the eletric ones for home, just used hot water ( my monkey loves his warm bottles, never fed great when I gave him them room temp) I did get one of these [url:3umxueky][/url:3umxueky] for out and about and I wouldnt be without it.
Mamabelle2011 Posts: 363
Am using the an Avent bottle warmer. Have to say its brilliant! So handy. Got ours in Mothercare, cost 25 Euro.
DM09 Posts: 261
Thanks Girls. We hadn't one for DS and just used jugs of boiling water but he used to scream the house down for his night feeds while waiting for the kettle to boil. I will just try to time for process and see if it's worth the price. sapphire09 - is your avent one the one without the lid as there seems to be two on the market at the moment.
xmas pudding Posts: 162
Hi there, I didnt have my baby yet but have been picking up a few things in the sales. I got the avent bottle warmer in the Dunnes sale for half price so only 12euro! so if i dont use it no big loss.. :wv
goinloco Posts: 774
i couldnt have done without it for the night feeds (very impatient baby :o0 ). i still use it for the morning feed and shes 13 months
Emme Posts: 4735
Another one here who loves the bottle warmer. We have an Avent one, with the lid. It's also a food warmer. I just like the way it's consistent and you can just plonk the bottle in and know when it's done. DD already associates the beep beep with getting fed (she's obviously a genius!).