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esmum Posts: 426
If you are not bf do you need to take bottles and formula to hospital or are they provided when you need them. I have just realised how clueless I am and these are the things that keep me awake at night. :-8
brunette Posts: 234
Hi ya, as far as i know they are provided by hospital and anyone i know always brought as many as they could home with them.
shellrex Posts: 571
As far as I know hospital supply you with small bottles of milk that can be served at room temperature so no heating required! They give you option to buy some when you leave as well so you don't spent 1st night at home making bottles etc but listening to others they work out more expensive that regular formula but are invaluable! HTH :wv
esmum Posts: 426
Thanks so much ladies :thnk
Maybump Posts: 527
Yeah the hospital provide you with forumala and you get sterile teat that screw onto the top of the bottle so you don;t need to bring anything into hospital for feeding.
Sophia Posts: 117
They ask which formula you want to use when baby is born (we choose SMA Gold) and then supply you with all the milk you need for your stay in hospital. Then when we were leaving the midwife told us to go into the nursery and take as many bottles & teats home with us as we needed so it was really handy.