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MrsDarcy Posts: 805
Hi Girls Quick question : How many bottles have you bought for your LO and what sizes? Im hoping to BF but incase it doesn't work out or I decide to express Im just wondering how many bottles I will need to make sure I have enough for daily feeds. Thanks :thnk
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
I got 7 bottles. I plan on breastfeeding too but plan on expressing too. I got the Tommy Tippee bottles and got the bigger sizes with the newborn teats. There's no point in getting smaller bottles as baby will grow out of them but the bigger bottles will do until they stop taking bottles. You just need new teats as the baby gets bigger. Hope that helps/
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
i hope to bf too, in my set "tommy tippee" I got 4 small 2 big bottles then just got 2 big anti colic bottles too, should keep me going for a bit if I decide bfing isn't for us :wv
MrsDarcy Posts: 805
thanks girls was thinking of getting a starter kit but sometimes there is too many newborn bottles in them and not enough bigger sizes
Wife09 Posts: 873
Yea just get the big ones Mrs Darcy,if you bf six will do you but if not I would get at least 12 or you'll be driven mad sterlising. If you are buying the Tomee Tipee, take bottle out and make sure it has the anti colic tube in them, I bought a box of the old ones by mistake !
whackywoman Posts: 1496
we used Avent ones with DD, bought some of the small ones and got about 2 weeks out of them so go for bigger bottles. With DS we had also bought new Avent bottles as DD was still taking bottles but he had really bad colic and we ended up switching him to the Dr Browne ones which helped. I would suggest only buying a few of a certain type to make sure that your LO likes them even if you do express and not bottle feed as we spent a fortune on the avent bottles that DS didnt' really take too. Also the newborn teat only last a very short period of time and if you use any of the thicker formula such as aptamil comfort one you will need a bigger teat as it is very thick.
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
I got the tommy tippee ones without the anti colic tubes. Used the same ones on DD. If you get the old ones make sue you pinch the little valve on the teat to open them. Sometimes they aren't open properly when you buy them but pinching valve before the first use will solve this. You will see the valve open.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I use the TT ones too and have 7 which I find is more than enough.
breeze Posts: 1175
I got 6 x 9oz avent bottles. A steal at €20 I already had the sterliser from DS2
MrsDarcy Posts: 805
thanks for the replies girls :lvs I think I will buy maybe 6/7 of the big ones and sure I can always get more if needs be. The tommy tippee ones sound good, I already have my eye on a tommy tippee steriliser so I suppose the bottles would have to be TT too. Its just so confusing sometimes, that's what all ye ladies are for tho :o0 Thanks a million :thnk