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MayoLassAnne Posts: 47
Hi Ladies :wv Happy new year! I'm hoping to get some advice from you all in relation to what bottles and steriliser to get. This is my first pregnancy and i have no clue where to start! As regards steriliser, all i really know for sure is i want the microwave one as i will be travelling around a lot and these seem to be the most portable. All going well I intend to breast feed and after 2 months or so will start to express. (1) Do all bottles have that anti-colic thing in them and if so whats the best way to decide which bottles to go with? (2) Do all breast pumps fit into all sterilisers? Should the steriliser i get be the same brand as the breast pump? I assume that it's more important that the steriliser is same as bottles. OMG, I havent a clue..... so sorry for the daft questions but any advice would be much appreciated! :thnk
LittleLily Posts: 3682
If you want super portable for sterilising, pick up some microwave sterilising bags rather than the microwave steriliser. When you're breastfeeding, you won't need a steriliser very often so it would only be taking up space. The bags can be used up 8 times I think it is. We're away at the minute for 2 weeks so I just put one bag in the suitcase. Not all bottles are anti-colic. We have a tommee tippee one with the insert and a few dr browns ones. Find the dr browns ones better. The breast pumps usually come apart into smaller parts so I would imagine that wouldn't have much impact on your choice.
Downton Posts: 314
I have used the Medela swing breast pump, avent bottles and avent steriliser for my two and have been happy with all three - cant offer advice as such as I've never tried any other brands
elpi Posts: 748
I used the Medela Swing and really recommend it. I got the Avent microwave steriliser and the Avent bottles. Then when DS started taking expressed milk he didn't take to the Avent bottles so got Tommee Tippee closer to nature and they were great. Fitted into the Avent steriliser as did the bits of the breast pump. I don't think the TT bottles were anti-colic, DS didn't have colic so that wasn't a priority for me. Best of luck, it's such an exciting time.