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Shiels2be Posts: 65
Any one been or hear of this - thinking about it for my hens?
librabride Posts: 24
Went there for a hen in november. We had anamazing time but most people stayed in the house only a couple stayed in the tent. It's not your average hen location, in the middle of nowhere with just a couple of local pubs. that suited us fine, the bridesmaids cooked food and brought stuff for breakfast, we all gave them money for this and brought drink ourselves. it was a very relaxed hen, like a lovely sleepover really but we had a ball. there may be restaurants or clubs around but you'd have to travel a bit i think. anyway, hope that all made sense and good luck with whatever you choose!
StarLilly Posts: 684
Hey, This is the kinda thing i've been looking into for my hen too. Another option to google is glamping-glamorous camping. there's a few options all over ireland that look lovely and similar to the boutique camping. Hope that helps! :wv
CurranBun Posts: 47
My bridesmaids brought me to Tea Pot lane as a surprise, i love Electric Picnic and that sort of stuff, so it was me to a tea (no pun intended :eek ) We arrived and there is 2 cottages and the rest is all Yurts, as there was 30 of us so we had the whole plase to ourselves. it had swings and picnic tables, kitchen area, BBQ etc... it is all shabby chic with bunting, polka dots etc. The first night we went out for dinner in Bundoran and then to a few pubs and a nightclub, the 2nd day we all got a massage as part of the deal and later food arrived which was delish and we sat around a camp fire. Then a DJ came and we danced around like lunatics.. Was amazing, so different and everyone loved it.. price was great @ only €150 per person i think.. here is the link.. god i would love to do it all again..