Box of size 1 newborn nappies - do they exist?

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littlemama Posts: 471
Possibly a stupid question but can you buy a box of the pampers newborn size 1 nappies anywhere? have seen boxes of bigger size nappies on sale but for newborn size 1 i've only seen the packs of 27. Maybe they don't sell the size 1 in big quantities coz newborn's grow so fast? i'm baffled!
pag Posts: 633
The only boxes of size 1 nappies I've seen were starter packs from Huggies with two packs of nappies, wipes and changing table covers. I don't think they do boxes for size 1 and 2. Not sure why because even if newborns grow fast you could still use up to 10nappies a day in those initial days.
littlemama Posts: 471
Thanks pag! :thnk
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
Yeah, I got jumbo boxes of size one Pampers. I'm nearly sure Tesco has them at the moment.
Littlepud Posts: 945
i've only ever seen the boxes from size 2 up. the size 1 boxes would be a great seller, dont know why they dont do them
fifteensept Posts: 565
Yeah you can only buy the Size 1 in packs of 27 but then the Size 2 is in Boxes Tesco do them had them on special awhile ago as I bought some I think reason behind it is most people move to Size 2 quickly....could be wrong thou
littlemama Posts: 471
thanks girls, i thought i was just looking in all the wrong places!
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
You can buy them in packets of 54 too. Boxes usually have around 100 in them, not sure I used that many size ones on DD.
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
I bought 2 boxes of Pampers size 1 in Tesco a few wks ago (80 per pk) for 26 euro. Anytime i'm in Tesco they seem to have them
Calla Lilly Posts: 183
We had a premature baby and when he got home he didn't last long in the size ones so be careful how much you buy!! There can be some really good deals in Tesco BUT did the math one day and it was cheaper to buy two smaller packs then one big pack!!!