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MeSB Posts: 3785
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
[quote="WALLE":3jobhmxu][quote="Calla Lilly ":3jobhmxu]There can be some really good deals in Tesco BUT did the math one day and it was cheaper to buy two smaller packs then one big pack!!![/quote:3jobhmxu] I'm going a bit off topic here but Tesco are always doing that! I walk around calculating stuff on my phone sometimes checking to see if their 'deals' really are deals![/quote:3jobhmxu] Every shop does this, it's so annoying. At least when it's smaller things the little label gives the price per kilo/unit, but with the boxes of nappies they always have a big signs on them, so they don't have the little labels.
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I agree on not buying too many size ones - DD (8lb11.5oz at birth but only 8lb2oz leaving hospital) is 1 week old and the size 1s have leaked the last 2 nights - we only bought 2 of the 27pkts plus got 4 x 5pks free from pampers. Have a couple of dozen left so even at that could have bought less. HTH