Boy bits on scan

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Tinytots Posts: 369
We had our 20 week scan last week and LO is doing great with no problems showing up. At the beginning of the scan we told the sonographer that we didn't want to find out baby's sex. However during the scan, at more than more point I thought I saw some boys bits, afterwards dh said he thought he saw them too. Now the sonographer didn't say anything and she didn't move the sensor away quickly or anything. I'm just wondering if any of you thought you saw the same and were right/wrong. Also I'm wondering if the sonographer would actually be more careful/competent than to let us see by mistake. She seemed very good and explained everything. In the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter, once LO is healthy :lvs , just looking for opinions really. Thanks girls
OAT Posts: 2207
It was more than likely the cord you's seen. I don't think it's that visible to the untrained eye.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
Both our boys' bits were very obvious at their 20 week scans. It was actually DH who said 'it's a boy!' before the sonographer did! Now, we'd said we wanted to find out so she was moving the scanner in that direction, so maybe it was something else you saw as I'd expect a sonographer to be a bit more careful than that if you didn't want to find out.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Our sonographer was very careful until we said we wanted to know. DH was watching closely and noticed that she skipped over relevant bits fairly lively if she passed over them in looking for something else! DH says had an inkling that he had spotted boy bits before she even said. I didn't really see myself as I had one eye on her face for any reactions to what she was seeing on screen. Plus I was trying to listen to her as she was very soft spoken. The cord was visible on the scan but it was greyer in colour than other bodily parts and kind of evident that it was different.
lellikelly Posts: 891
Tiny tots am nearly sure i seen boys bits on my 20 week scan, but again am not sure that could of been the cord, if it was boys bits they were very noticable, and i thought that the senographer would have to go into a more detailed scan to find out ?? Like you i doubt the sonographer was that silly, she asked me well into the scan if id like to know what it was and i just said no, so we will just have to wait and find out :o0
Diddums2 Posts: 106
The sonographer told us not to look when she was measuring the thigh bone if we didn't want to know. We did look and you could not have missed them - two little testicles and a willy, no mistaking it !
babybaby2011 Posts: 124
At my 20 week scan I was dying to know the sex of the baby and was trying my best to figure it out on the scan as the sonographer moved around the baby. I was convinced like you I saw boy bits and was sure it was a boy. At the end of the scan we asked the sonographer the sex and straight away she said she was pretty sure she was a girl! (which she was). It's really hard to make it out on the screen if your not trained but I've heard that boys bits can be very clear. I would say the sonographer would have ensured she wasnt near those bits in case you saw since you specified at the beginning so I'd say what you think you saw wasn't maybe down there at all. I think it's still a surprise you're having :o0 :wv
Tinytots Posts: 369
Thanks girls for your replies, looks like we may or may not have seen! So really it'll be a surprise either way, Anyway it might be a blessing as it'll prepare dh fOr the possibility of baba being a boy! I think he was really hoping for a girl :o( It makes me kind if sad that he'd be disappointed with a boy but I'm sure when LO is born he'll be delighted no matter what.
mrscakes Posts: 105
At my 20wk scan both DH & I came out thinking that it was a boy & we saw testicles. But going by 20wk scans picture on google, it did not look the same & we had girl! I think if you do see boy parts, there is really very little room for doubt!
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Generally if the are any way slow to tell you or say they may need to wait to your next scan it's a girl. That's how my friend had a clue she was going to have a girl and she was right! They confirmed her at her 24 week visit. I think it does take a more trained eye to see the girl bits for sure. The boy bits are more definite.