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feelsobad Posts: 693
Do you think it is possible to tell from a bump if boy or girl A few people lately have said I look like I have a boy bump but when they say it my reaction in my head is 'no it's a girl' but not sure if it is cos they annoy me with their expertise or cos I would like a little girl. O:| I am all out front and high at the moment
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
I don't think its possible to tell. Alot of people told me I was having a girl because of the shape etc of my bump and we're having a boy...........unless I get a surprise at the birth :o0
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
Hundreds (and I am not exagerating) of people have said boy without a doubt, because I am all to the front. But one girl who is Italian said in Italy if you are all to the front it means girl. Apart from her only one other person has said girl. Who knows? I can't wait to find out it's like the best Christmas ever :o)ll
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I really think it's an old wives tale - I think how you carry can depend a lot on your height, body shape, etc, etc. That said, with DD I gained weight all over and seemed to carry everywhere :o0 (bump was very wide and neither high nor low!) This time round though it's definitely more of a 'basketball bump' and I am indeed having a boy!
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Ok thats the opposite to what I'm told or hear??? According to the old wives tales out our way if you are all to the front and have carried high the whole way through then thats a girl bump!!!!! And if you have carried low and carried around the back(i.e. a polite way of saying gained weight on your back!!! Hate when people say this to me feel like slapping them O:| :o0 ) then its a boy bump!!! Anyways regardless of what they think unless somebody has an ultrasound in their pocket they have no idea but be prepared because if even 1 person gets it right(by co-incidence of course) then all you will hear is... I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!! O:| O:| O:| But at that stage you'll have you little boy or girl in your arms and you won't care. :wv
honeybee Posts: 624
The world told me(including strangers) oh i thin you are having a girl and its a baby boy we are having, bump is pretty much to the front and hadnt much morning sickness all my friends having girls at the moment all had loads if that counts for anything.