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willow-tree Posts: 217
I have been convinced from day one that i am having a girl and all of the predictor links say girl as well. I barely need to shave my legs and have have morning sickness too, i don't have a bump yet though so cant say how i am carrying yet! We wont be finding out if it is a boy or girl so will have to wait and see!
mischa09 Posts: 1068
I definitely dont want to find out. I know it doesnt matter as long as the baby is healthy. But are any of you hoping it's one or the other??
steen Posts: 1335
We decided the other week not to find out. But DH said to me the next day that he had his first baby dream and he dreamt that the baby told him he was a boy! I think the old wivies tales are fun and at the end of the day you will be so in love with which ever arrives you won't care. 3 out of the 4 tests predicted a girl so I will wait and see which is right the tests or my husbands subconscience :o0
Elegance Posts: 2848
couldn't resist doing those tests!! two say a boy, 1 says a girl. so won't be buying pink or blue things based on those predictions. great fun though. :o0
mop1 Posts: 1564
All the tests I took told me I was having a girl. I've had no morning sickness & the leg hairs have almost stopped growing Turns out Im having a boy :lvs :lvs
Duncelt Posts: 460
When everyone is doing these tests do they use the "date of conception" as the first day of your last cycle - mine was the last week of the month so i'm sure conception was into the next month but can't be sure - using both months gives different predictions so not sure which to be using
shocked22 Posts: 511
Duncelt I'm the same!! Anyone??
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
I got a girl on one and a boy on the other so its still 50 / 50. Ah will find out in the next 2 / 3 weeks...
hartley Posts: 826
I got 2 for a boy & 2 for a girl!. I would like to find out when possible but DH doesn't, so we probably won't.
milis Posts: 7998
Just looking back over these, a few correct predictions already! I'm having a boy according to all tests!!