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brunette Posts: 234
Im the same as duncelt. Cant figure out date of conception. According to hospital scan Im actually due a week later than I had figured out by my dates. It falls between two months so could be either. The ring test says its a boy and Im convinced its a boy. If its a girl Ill be shocked... I cant make plaits :ooh
MammySpice Posts: 2501
Two of these say girl and one says boy so I guess I'll be kept guessing for a while longer! I'm only in first trimester but whenever I think about the baby I subconsciously think girl :-8 Will have to wait and see - happy and healthy is all that really matters :lvs
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
cooool, just did this and it seems to be very definitely back and forth. When i held the ring up high no movement but closer to bump and it totally sped up. We will have to wait and see!!
byebye Posts: 599
I just did the tests and 2 said a boy, and 1 said a girl.. Not long to wait and see how accurate they are..
honey pot Posts: 210
Did the 3 online test and it's a BOY!!!!!!!! That's gas as we're convinced it's a boy!!! Anyway I'll be finding out soon enough.. Honey pot
milis Posts: 7998
Just did the wedding ring one (before I read it might be too early :o0 ) and got very definate back and forth movement. If my RL friends were reading this, I'm so anti old wives tales in real life :o0