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LRBridetobe2013 Posts: 9
Just wanted to provide some feedback on Boyne Hill House following a family wedding there in 2017. Pros: fabulous outdoor space for ceremony, private as closed to public, main house is beautiful, bedrooms in main house are beautiful, lots of bedrooms on site, seem to liaise well with couple re planning. Cons: staff lack proper training (evident throughout the event and at breakfast - nobody setting tables for breakfast or clearing plates after guests, extremely slow service at the bar), evening food was poor quality (seemed reheated), BBQ food was very poor quality for the ppp charged. The manager for the events on both days had to approached on numerous occassions due to basic issues like no glasses on tables for BBQ despite 3/4 polite requests. The venue needs an effective manager if employing casual untrained staff. During the second day there was a BBQ held in the courtyard (a Sunday) and during the BBQ workmen were taking up the floor in the function room and relaying a new floor; incredibly poor on part of management to schedule this on the day of a preplanned wedding BBQ. This created a lot of.noise as boards were thrown from the upper floor onto the ground very close to entrance to the bar; given the venue is only open for events this could have taken place on any day. I contacted the manager to provide both positive and constructive feedback; their response was to inform the couple that I had made a complaint (their policy apparently) and they would "look into it". That was 5 months ago; I received no response following their investigations which only highlights their unprofessionalism. Couples beware!
Anne_K14 Posts: 55
Attended a wedding here and I would agree with your review. I can add that the area downstairs near the dance floor and toilets smelt quite bad later that evening. I can’t believe they told the couple you made a complaint. It’s the venue you are complaining about not their wedding itself.