Boys name poll.... Owen or Eoin

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Delphinium Posts: 3027
This is on our list but we are debating the merits of the Welsh "Owen" and the Irish "Eoin". I prefer one and DH prefers the other. Not gone on "Eoghan" as in the Irish for Eugene. So what do you girls think... with an "O" or an "E"??
grazia Posts: 740
I prefer Owen as it's easier to spell!
mysteriousmise Posts: 1783
I like them both. I'd probably slightly prefer Owen rather than Eoin, simply becasue I think for foreigners its pronunciation is easier/more obvious. I work with a lot of international clients. Colleagues who have very Irish names have lots and lots of fun explaining the pronunciation etc of their name. Niamh has reconciled herself to being known as "Knee-Ham".
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
my nephew is Eoin, and another guy i now is Eoin aswell a girl i know called her baby Eoghan, (pronouced the same) have to say i prefer the Eoin myself :wv
goingforit2010 Posts: 411
Eoin is my favourite spelling too.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Wow! Strong poll for Eoin! This was my favourite as it happens! :o)ll On the spelling at least it's easier to explain than the silent "gh" in "Eoghan". I love the way folk assume the child is going to abandon his Mammy and leave for foreign shores! :o0 As if! What kind of an Irish Mammy do you take me for??? :o0 :o0
mysteriousmise Posts: 1783
LOL, I forgot. :o0 All my colleagues are based in Ireland (we haven't left our Mammies either!), but we do a lot of work with "forriners"/go to a lot of conferences - that's where the trouble arises. We've a Donal in here too - he has resigned himself to being known as "Donald".
happieout Posts: 3111
I absolutely hate the spellings like Owen, Bryan, Shaun. It makes me think the parents didn't know how to spell. Eoin is a lovely Irish name!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I voted Owen.
Girl Posts: 195
I voted for Eoin... Whichever spelling you decide on the name is lovely.