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Winter2012 Posts: 82
Hi....was wonder what you're thoughts are on the name Denis?is it a name a wee boy would b picked on or has it got d cute factor.already have a Emma and eve.thanks
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Not a fan personally, sorry. Makes me think of an older man, then there's "Dennis the Menace" connotation.
mamime Posts: 791
I agree with the denis the menance thing. Plus i wouldn't really want my lad to be cute for life.. they have to grow with the name.. However i don't think dennis is cute coz I know a denis! Denis the menance is something people tease him about.. He has kind of laughed along over the years, but doesn't like it.. In saying that people seem to always find something to tease about!! How about Daniel or Dean? Trying to find a girl name atm. Its tough!!