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Poppy13 Posts: 30
Hi girls, I'd really appreciate if ye would let me knwo what ye think of these names. We've a good idea on a girls name but really can't decide on a boys and it's getting more confusing! Cheers x
Momof2 Posts: 3884
I voted Eoin but its one of my preferred names in any case. They're all lovely names you won't go wrong with any of them I don't think. Best of luck deciding its such a tough decision.
zoey Posts: 1574
I voted for Tom. I think it's lovely :lvs I like Tommy and Thomas too. A close second would be Finn. I think there a lot of Fionns around these day so I think Finn is nicer. All the names on your list are lovely though except I wouldn't be that keen on Ben or Des. Good luck with your decision.
mrswhits Posts: 277
I voted Tom, I think it's lovely for both a child and a man,, not mad on Tommy or Tommo though. I also really like Ben too. Don't like Des and I know a few Eoins so I think that's put me off :o0 Care to share your girls name, looking for some inspiration! :-8
spanish mum Posts: 2468
I voted Ben. My DS is Benjamin. I also love the name Tom or Thomas, too.
MidnightJasmine Posts: 238
I like Fionn and I :lvs Eoin but I would spell it Eoghan.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
Tom for me!
Poppy13 Posts: 30
Thanks for your replies. My girls names are (at the moment!) Lily or Anna.
mamabelle Posts: 1101
Love Tom, Eoin and Ben. Like Fionn depending on surname. Neutral on Finn. Dislike Gerry and Des but mainly cos I know people by these names that I don't like - and also cos they seem too grown up for a baby...even though that makes no sense! Adore Lily and Anna but can't use either!!!
mamalicious Posts: 255
Love Tom - we had lily too for a girl *)