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WOLMOL Posts: 39
So ladies, how many weeks were you when you bought new bras? Did you buy maternity ones straight away? How many cups and widths did you go up? Would appreciate your advice, I'm only hitting 7 weeks and bursting out of every bra (34C)...thinking I should buy 36D but don't want to rush out in case they get even bigger - which I fear they might :-8 Also the maternity ones aren't exactly tantilising are they!!! While I want comfort it would be nice to feel good too. Any pointers on where to purchase???
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Its recommended that you wear non-wired bras. I think I was about 12 weeks when I first bought some, but even then, I wore the wired ones occassionally. Any maternity bras I got were CRAP. The best ones for me were sports bras, and one max support one from M&S - not a maternity one, just a regular non-wired maximum support one. I got the sports bras in my local lingerie shop and Intimate Lingerie in Dublin. They're not attractive but they give the boys a bit of support!! I was originally a 34DD, and stayed at that for a while. I'm 37 weeks now and for the past while I've been a 38D. Boobs themselves didnt get bigger but with the bump I need a bigger back.
thats amore Posts: 714
i went to m&s when i was 12 weeks and while my cup size was the same as pre-pregnancy, my ribcage had already expanded and i was up 2 sizes from a 34 to a 38!!!!! the maternity bras i tried on were horrible and didn't give a flattering shape so the sales assistant suggested non-wire extra support. they are the most comfy and flattering bras i have ever worn and give lots of support. some are ugly but they have nice lace ones. i'm actually overdue for another fitting but will just invest in nursing bras at this stage now.
StayShiny Posts: 1078
hiya I went to Penny's and bought a couple of cheapie sports bras in different sizes ... so I could vary it on the day haha
09Dreams Posts: 260
Hi, I'm only 10wks but have been in maternity bras since about 6wks! I went from a 36B to 38C which had a bit of room when I got them but now I'm filling them! I got a 2pack of maternity in M&S & find them very comfy. Anyone know should I expect to go up another size or at nearly 11wks will this be it for awhile? Tks