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cpfbride Posts: 215
Hi ladies I have a dress that requires a very light weight/non padded but a good push up bra. I'm a big cup size so any suggestions would be great as the top of the dress is slightly tight so don't want to make it look tighter with a padded bra but still want good support. Thanks everyone Cpf
JennyWren132 Posts: 29
Hiya, Is it a strapless one you need? I got a really good Chantelle one in Brown Thomas. It's moulded (or molded??!) but not very padded. Gives a great shape. BT also stock a Fantasie strapless bra that's not padded or moulded. I tried it on but it didn't give as good a shape as the Chantelle. I'm quite big so I didn't want a moulded bra either but any underwear shop I spoke to said they only recommend moulded bras for brides because they give a much better shape. If you are near Dublin, the girls in Brown Thomas are really helpful. I've been in twice now, got 2 different girls and they were a great help.
hyperrational Posts: 697
I find the Panache brand very good. I got mine from Bravissimo, the bridal bra one and couldn't fault it. They have a couple of different options in terms of straps/styles etc...
chillout bride Posts: 17
Where is bravissimo have they shop in Ireland now I thought they were only in England
hyperrational Posts: 697
You can order online, that's what I did.
S WOW Posts: 412
If you are any way endowed, go to a proper shop that caters for larger boobies. There is nothing worse than an improperly fitting bra. Are you in Dublin? Try Intimate Lingerie on Tara Street. It's appointment only, but Pauline is great. Also, Bramora on Earlsfort Terrace is really good. I've used both and can recommend. Peaches and Cream is also supposed to be good, though I haven't used them.