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babybambino Posts: 940
So I'm 8 weeks pregnant today and my boobs have been really sore and uncomfortable the whole time. They've already outgrown my normal bras and they are all underwire which is starting to dig in too so I decided to go to Mothercare to get fitted. She asked me my normal size (34D) and measured me over my own bra, she said I was still the same size, eh no I'm not, my boobs are squished to bits in my own bras! Then because I said I was getting uncomfortable in my 34D bras she said I would be better off with a bit of room in the back so she'd get my to try on a couple of 36C bras! The first one barely tied around the back and rode up on me, the second was too tight on the cups and pulled them apart if that makes any sense? She had a look and said oh I'll get you a 38C there you go that should be fine and off she disappeared. I felt so crap, I'm feeling really uncomfortable and tired today anyway and this took the biscuit. I headed to M&S where there was a terrible selection, only maternity bras were nursing ones with very little support. I tried on a really comfortable non-wire bra but it was like something my granny would wear. Finally found two bras in Debenhams that fit perfectly and feel great, size 38DD by the way! What does everyone else do, I would like to get a nude coloured bra when I grow out of the 2 I bought today but I couldn't see any, do other ladies get fitted each time or just go it alone?
mommylicious Posts: 836
I got fitted the 1st time and it was a disaster, so I just started trying on bras til I got to a comfy one! For me it depended on the bra and the place you buy it. When I was at your stage, I wore sports bras from dunnes and they were so comfy! Maternity bras are just so expensive and I knew I'd be changing all the time. So didn't really want to be spending a fortune on them so early on iykwim. I've now settled to one size and bought 4 proper maternity bras 2 in Debs 38DD and 2 in Mothercare 40D! I was a 34D before I got pregnant!!! Bra shopping is a minefield! My advice would be just to try them on until you find the one.
babybambino Posts: 940
That's great thanks a million for you replies, I didn't think of a sportsbra, that's a good idea, I'll be better prepared next time. I wasn't epecting them to get so big this early and I have been so uncomfortable, I was desperate to get something I could wear!
sunny505 Posts: 1807
How your one in Mothercare thought that if you started off as a D cup you're now a C cup is beyond me!!! I went the sports bra route too for a while. Am 26 weeks now and definitely need to get measured again. Although I suppose I could probably measure myself. I was planning on going to Mothercare but going on what you and others said, I think I may just go to Debenhams too.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
One bit of advice, don't buy too many bras of the same size, max 3 as most women change sizes every 6 weeks or so. I went up and down back size (down when baby dropped) and went down boob and then up . Also I got measured for nursing bra at 37 weeks I was 38 GG and had to get mesure 3 weeks later (when babs was 7 days old and milk was in) and I was then a 34E! I was glad I only bought 2 cheap 38GG bras! I found Debenhams good but there's none convenient to me. I found one lady in M&S in Dundrum really good.
Diddums2 Posts: 106
Mothercare bras are terrible - the support in them is very poor. My boobs have never been the same since my first pregnancy and I think the damage was done by the Mothercare bras I wore for most of it :o( This time round I intend investing in either M&S or some of the specialist ranges. If you're in Dublin there's a great lingerie shop called Cupcakes in Ranelagh which specialises in maternity / nursing bras and have some really lovely stuff. I think they do the Hot Milk range: Be warned though - they are expensive! I haven't bought anything yet as I have been waiting for my boob size to stabilise a bit (they seem to be doubling in size every day at the moment !) before going in but I lust after the bras in the window as I pass it every day...
Gembira Posts: 847
I didn't bother getting measured I just went in a tried a few different sizes until I found something comfortable. I bought a couple of double packs out of Mothercare which I have to say I do find very comfortable and a cheap double pack out of M&S which although they do look like granny bras are very comfy and quite frankly that's been the main thing for me! Sod the sexy, I'm far too big to look good in anything without any underwiring anyway! I'm planning on going next week to buy one or two nursing bras for when first have babs and then I'll wait until my milk comes in and also see if the bf works before investing the money in some really good bras for that. It can be such a pain the backside and I'm sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience. I really think it depends on who it is that does the measuring although I have to say I wouldn't bother with Mothercare. I live in London and all I've heard from anyone here is that they're terrible at measuring too so it's obviously a company wide thing!
naughty nuptials Posts: 517
I also had a distaster getting fitted for bras in M&S - the ones I bought were so uncomfy I had to throw them away after a few wears :weep I have since bought this bra in black and nude and it is by far THE best thing I have bought in pregnancy - sooooo comfy. It's a kind of sporty style, not granny-ish, with a bit of (removable) padding to give you a bit of shape. It kind of stretches to accomodate a bit of fluctuating size, and has a drop cup so also good for feeding. And it's not expensive. I've recommended it to a few girls on here, and everyone loves them. ... -white-365 Good luck! :wv NN xxx
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Don't even start me on this one! I went about this the week before last at 8 weeks as my underwires were getting really uncomfortable. Several people - friends and folk on WOL had recommend Debenhams so I went there. The first one measured me too small. It was 36DD and I was squished in it. I took the bra back a few days later and got measured at another branch. Bought the bra again, this one was a 36E. I wore it a few days and the boning in the side dug worse than underwire and the back rode up. So I figured I actually hadn't changed size at all. It was just that I felt heavy and sore. So I went to M&S and again I was measured at a 36DD. One of the assistants there recommended me what you might call a "granny bra" but it is actually very comfortable cotton total support and it is a smaller fitting 36 so it isn't riding up. I bought another in a 34E (my normal size). However within a few days the 34Ewasn't fitting me any more and I had to make an emergency run to Dunnes on Saturday because it was cutting off my circulation....... and the 36DD in Dunnes was grand for only a tenner. Moral of the story........... Gembira is right. Just go and fit them on yourself. I found any of the store assistants I dealt with were worse than useless. The ones I have will do for now and I'll invest in proper nursing/maternity bras when I go up in size again. M&S definitely had the best selection of non underwire and to hell with how they look once your sore boobs are comfortable and supported.
Mamabear Posts: 53
Have to say Arnotts on Henry Street is brilliant. I was busting out of my bras as soon as 8 weeks and went to M&S to get measured. They ended up selling me ordinary non-wired bras which weren't maternity. They were ok for about two weeks and then the band that goes around your back sort of doubled over itself and my boobs were hanging down like an oul wan's! So so uncomfortable and unflattering. My clothes looked awful on me because the bras weren't fitting. Next try was Mothercare. I got a couple of cotton type bras which were just about ok. Didn't give me a great shape or anything and not that comfy. I was so fed up that at about 12/13 weeks, I went to Arnotts. The lady there spent ages with me and I couldn't believe the difference when she found me a couple of maternity bras that actually fit me properly - they even made me look slimmer! I ended up getting two Elle McPherson maternity bras. She said one of them in black will do me up until full term and the other one in white (they only had a smaller size but it also fitted well) will do me up until about 28 weeks. They were about €38 each which I know is expensive but I really think it was worth it. I have had terrible cysts so have had a lot of breast pain and couldn't have got by without these. So I would definitely recommend Arnotts. Mamabear