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fantac Posts: 4109
has anyone got any shopping recommendations for bigger boobed girls and non-underwire bras? cant find anything anywhere - saw some in mothercare yest, but they weren't v supportinve. i'm 34d normally and already up to dd heading for e! help!!
ros Posts: 749
Try Marks and Spencers, or you could also go to a specialised lingerie shop, they will be able to give you real one to one help.
Elliecat Posts: 2725
I'm with you on this one - the selection of non-wired bras is so crap, and the ones that do exist are sooooo unnattractive especially the bigger you go!!. I got a decent white one in Debenhams yesterday (will check what brand when I go to the loo in a bit!!). Also got a couple in M&S a few weeks ago, but again sizes were crap, really had to hunt for a decent one. I wasn't overly impressed with the mothercare ones either. I think when I need to go up a size (and I have no doubt that I will!!) I'll try a proper lingerie boutique to see if they're any better.
rita666 Posts: 108
fantac Posts: 4109
thanks all - i'm just finished a meeting in cloneml - headed back to wickla now - so think i'll spin via waterford and debenhams!! i really hope they don't get too huge - have always hated my boobs!
Sassy Posts: 2269
I have had real trouble with this. I bought 2 of the M&S ones but found them rubbish. They do not support me at all. I just can't wear them anymore. I am going to try debenhams over the weekend because i have heard good stuff about them.