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ZeldaToo Posts: 553
We're definitely getting them all today here in South Clare. Gale force winds Hailstones Sleet Black skies Thunder Blue skies The sun! and then repeat.... OH is from the UK and has never seen anything like it :o0 REALLY wish I didn't have to work today - it's definitely a cheesy movie, roaring fire and blanket on the sofa kind of day :o(. Is the weather as crazy where y'all are?
eefc Posts: 1201
Bonkers where we are at the mo: I am in cork city where its dry at the mo with some dodgy looking clouds. I no someone in another part of the city who is looking out at snow. Its sunny in west cork where H2B is and where my parents are in east cork its lashing. In all i would say its about a 20 mile radius all around with no one having the same weather!