bras for Breastfeeding

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mischa09 Posts: 1068
Hi girls Just wondering if you have to wear a bra at all times when breastfeeding. I assume you do to hold the pads in place for when you leak?? If so do you have to get special nursing bras?? Thanks M :-8
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
yeah well I did have to wear a bra all the time, nite and day when BFing. This really pee'ed me off TBH. I wore a bra constantly for about 3 months! I only bf for 9 weeks. Don't know if woman who bf longer still do tho, sure they will let you know here! You will need good support. I got 2 night/day nursing bras for around the house and then 1/2 for when I was out and about. I had pads in all the time. I used to leak alot, wake up with wet patches on bra/bed :-8 I only leaked when my boobs were very full, think your boobs should adjust to the feeding and will leak less over time. The pads move around even tho they were stuck to my bra. No you don't need special nursing bras as far as I knew anyway. HTH :wv
Mrs J Posts: 387
Well for me I was stuck in a bra day and night for about 10 months. I could probaby have managed without one at night for the last month but just when I thought I'd be finished with leaking, I'd have a small leak and so I'd have to keep a bra on so as to keep the breast pad in place. I was also constanlty buying breast pads - tommee tippe or lindham were the best for me. You don't need special nursing bras to keep the pads in place - any bra will do but nursing bras do make life a lot easier for access. Don't let this put you off though - it just becomes part of the routine! Everyone is different -my friend breast fed for a year and did't have to bother with breast pads after a couple of months.