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baby-bel Posts: 929
Hey girls Ive read a few people were told to stop wearing underwired bras when pg. Im still wearing them should I stop? whats the reason behind it? Thanks :wv
beaker Posts: 379
dunno, I've been wearing underwired bras cause they give a bit more support when the boobies are sore, having said that I also bought some sports bras in penneys for 6euro for days when I need a bit more comfort.
aug princess Posts: 94
Because of the huge weight gain in your boobs sports bras or a properly fitted maternity bra is more comfortabe. I asked my doc about this when i waa pregnant she said it was nonsence
newly_wed Posts: 1039
There was a thread on this topic just the other day. Check it out! :wv
chicam Posts: 1169
I posted that thread the other day and got a resounding no to underwires!! But in saying that my boobs are massive & even though I bought an expensive, t-shirt support bra (no wire) from mothercare at the weekend, I still feel I get more support from my wired ones >:o( I plan to stop wearing the wires soon I swear...but in the meantime I'm still on them!