Braxton Hicks at 20+5??

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happy mummy Posts: 424
I was wondering if any of you girls had gotten BH at this stage in your pregnancies? I've been experiencing a tightening sensation in my stomach maybe once or twice a day for the last week or so and while its not painful, its certainly uncomfortable. I mentioned it to a friend who said they might be BH but I didn't think you got them until much later in pregnancy and now I'm all confused! I had my monthly GP visit today and completely forgot to ask my GP if it was normal - baby brain is getting worse!! Would really appreciate any feedback at all!
gingernutter Posts: 1356
I've been getting these since week 18. I asked the midwife in rotunda last time I was in and she said it's normal, its your body preparing itself for labour! Not everyone gets them, only one of my friends had them. Midwife also said once they're not painful and once they stop after a few contractions then it's ok, if they keep coming non stop then ring the hosp...
happy mummy Posts: 424
Thank you SO much for your reply gingernutter! I kinda was starting to freak out a little, none of my friends ever had them this early! When I mentioned BH to a friend who's further along than me she looked at me like I had 3 heads cause she hasn't experienced anything like these yet! Nice to hear from someone who had them early! They're not a sign of preterm labour are they? I guess thats my main concern!
gingernutter Posts: 1356
No don't think they're a sign of pre term labour- hope not anyway. If u google it it does seem common enough to have them from about 20 weeks. Also they can come on if you're dehydrated so make sure you're drinking lots of water.x
happy mummy Posts: 424
Oh! Thanks for the tip of staying hydrated! I think I might try to increase my fluid intake, might mean less BH if I up the intake :)
maman Posts: 297
Hi Honeymoonbaba, I have them too and im at 21+4. I also had them for my last pregnancy and i had DS at 41+4 so i dont think its a sign of a premature birth. However, my contractions seem to be much stronger this time and I had one in the middle of the night that actually woke me up. I went in to the hospital today to have a scan and get it checked out just in case and everything was absolutely fine. However, they signed me out of work as they said it was a sign to slow down and that maybe the commute to work was causing it. Anyways just wanted to tell you not to worry but that for peace of mind call in and get them to check you out.
happy mummy Posts: 424
Oh thank you maman! I don't have a hospital appt or GP appt until November now. I think I might just take it a little handier and see if the BH ease off! Gosh, one that woke you out of your sleep!! :eek That must've been a bit scary!! Hope everything's ok!
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I've been getting these a couple of weeks now, never had them on my first baby!! Really painful :o(
OAT Posts: 2207
I've also been getting them from about 16 weeks, had them on my last pregnancy too but they are much more intense this time round... I also get them during the night which I think is caused by a full bladder, I'll also get them after eating too much. I get one whopper one at least once a day.
happy mummy Posts: 424
Glad to know I'm not alone girls! Really thought it was too soon to be getting them - everyone thinks I'm nuts for having them now! I have noticed that if I get one and its particularly uncomfy its prob cause I have a too full bladder so I must pay more attention to when I need to go from here on in! Oh well, we can look at it this way - at least we'll know what a contraction feels like when our time comes :o0