Braxton Hicks - How long do they last?

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Elegance Posts: 2848
Hi girls, I started getting braxton hicks today. Quite excited about it, another milestone! But they are all over the place. Some are lasting about 2 mins, others are coming and last for over 5 mins. Can anyone give me an indication as to what is the norm - or is it a case of every pregnancy is different? I suppose I'm just looking for reassurance that all is ok! Thanks in advance girls.
Aurge Posts: 1456
Hey missus, sorry no advice, got BH only once & they didnt last long at all. But just wanted to say Im so happy for you. Cant believe ur 24 wks already. Hope your feeling well.
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Elegance..... I´ve got them since last week as well - I think the thing with Braxton Hicks is that they are irreglar, some last longer, some very short, then you might have days totally without them... I was all worried when I had them at first cos I didn´t really notice any on my first pregnancy... Also I kept checking my bump to see if it was getting hard often (which it did from all the poking) cos I was worried I might be in early labour... My belly is quite hard at the moment anyway, but I guess thats normal? Especially when walking, is yours too? Amazing to think that we will have our little ones soon :lvs
Elegance Posts: 2848
thanks aurge....time is really moving now! how are you doing pet? heavenleigh, my tummy is so hard all the time, but with a little give iykwim. but when i get the braxtons it goes rigid. i've been having them on and off since 4 pm today... and they are lasting ages. feels quite uncomfortable. not painful, but defo uncomfortable. and exactly as you said, when i walk it gets harder! dh and i just talking that we are really unprepared for this baby. if we did go early we are just not ready! so we are going to start making lists of what we need to do/get now..... having these bh's it makes it so real..... as you said, soon we'll have our lo's :lvs