Braxton Hicks or Early Labour?

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OAT Posts: 2207
Since 4am this morning I've been getting very painful contractions. There is no pattern to them and they are not regular in anyway. They can be very strong and painful, then the next few will be weak and just uncomfortable. Is this early labour or just Braxton Hicks? I'm 38 weeks
gingernutter Posts: 1356
How are you today OAT? did the contractions continue?
PetiteFeet Posts: 506
Sounds promising! I was in early labour like that for 2 days before DD was born! I thought they were BH but were real contractions! Guess just try and relax and hopefully it will be the start of something! Exciting times!
OAT Posts: 2207
Well I'm still here so I guess they were just very painful/strong BH's >:o( >:o( I#m ragin as I was really in alot of pain so for it to have no end result is very annoying!!