Braxton hicks or not?

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cbtb Posts: 413
For the past few weeks I find a couple of times a day my bump gets very hard and tight. When it happens I can feel its head and abdomen with my hand. Is this just baby moving around or are they BH?
Maybump Posts: 527
I was watching THe ultimate guide to pregnancy on Discover home and health. Apparently you can feel braxton hick contractions for a few weeks before oyur actually due. [url=] [img:hkih7igy];18;96/st/20090501/dt/6/k/d116/preg.png[/img:hkih7igy] [/url]
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Its BH alright I had them from week 30 they do get worse unfortunately mine were quite sore towards the end, and you will def know the difference between them and the real thing I thought I was in labour so many times but def knew when I actually was and she arrived 3 hours later
annabella Posts: 190
sounds like BH alright, i've been having these for the last few weeks - sometimes quite painful. also, feel like the baby is running out of room already - kinda hurts when he/she moves sometimes......